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Elena Vizerskaya

Surrealist Photoshopey awesomeness





If you didn't already know him, you should listen to him now.





Midsummer is approaching and the lakes are swimmable. Go to a sauna now, if you want to get rid of those skin cells and exercise your willpower+endurance.


Another Artist

gloom82 aka Anton Semenov

Did you plan on sleeping tonight? Nobody ever does. His digital art is fantastic.




Do not leave your phone number anywhere when registering your business!

When you get a phone call, do not answer yes to anything unless you know exactly who you are talking to!

And do not let corruption ever get away with anything!

*I am talking to citizens of Finland, I don't know how things are in other countries

Voila, see you next Saturday!

Saturday Bombs


Never watched Doctor Strange before. Finally did. Important metaphors of chaos and how to handle them- something creatives could definitely benefit from :)



I'll recommend less personal podcasts next week and the next and so on, but for now I want you to check out my twin brother Kalle's podcast Quality Time with a French Guy.  It's fun, it's uncensored, and it's consistent. 



Digital painter Yuri Shwedoff, is a must see. If you are on my website because you dig my style, there's no way you won't dig his. Sci-fi, moons, white eyes and digital manipulations. Boom.



I highly recommend you to read the Book of Yokai by Michael Foster, if you are interested in Japanese culture, any folklore, religion, mythology, monsters or anything related to these words. It even made my Pokemon Ultra Moon game experience much more enriching too ;) 



Here's a smoothie recipe that I do NOT recommend. No joke, I had it yesterday. But hey, at least I came up with it.

Lot of Ginger

1 Raw Avocado

Half a banana

Full Glass of Green Tea


Coconut Oil


Mix it all up

Put it in fridge



Rescue Pets, first photoshoot

Last Monday, I started volunteering by taking photos for Pesu RY. Here are the first pets I shot: Virna and Valias (aka Paavo). 

When I first arrived they were very shy, but warmed up quickly with all the playing. They are not cuddly, but still super interesting: Paavo is a philosopher and Virna is playful. I'll let you guess which one is which!


In any case, if you are in Finland and want to love those kitties, CLICK



Ever since my friend and I started Pawsitters, a pet sitting and photography business, I have been filled with happiness and warmth every day! Here are a few shots I have taken so far. Stay tuned for more!