Rescue Pets, first photoshoot

Last Monday, I started volunteering by taking photos for Pesu RY. Here are the first pets I shot: Virna and Valias (aka Paavo). 

When I first arrived they were very shy, but warmed up quickly with all the playing. They are not cuddly, but still super interesting: Paavo is a philosopher and Virna is playful. I'll let you guess which one is which!


In any case, if you are in Finland and want to love those kitties, CLICK



Ever since my friend and I started Pawsitters, a pet sitting and photography business, I have been filled with happiness and warmth every day! Here are a few shots I have taken so far. Stay tuned for more!

pawsitters is live.jpg


My love for animals and passion for photography have intersected in a serendipitous manner!

Before heading to my family cabin for a short vacation, I scrolled through Pet Care websites on a rush to find someone last minute to hire so they can take care of my cat. As I was looking, I stumbled upon my close high school friend Jasmin, who had been sitting animals for a while.

When we met, I mentioned my interest in pet photography and our discussion flourished into Pawsitters. A Pet Photography and Sitting service where we offer the services separately, as well as in package deals for those who could use both in affordable ways. Ideal for pet bloggers.


I am beyond excited about this, so many plans are coming up for the near future, which I am looking forward to share with you all!



Here's some pictures of my cat, the current Mascotte of Pawsitters.


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