Photographer & retoucher based in Tampere, Finland.

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My love for animals and passion for photography have intersected in a serendipitous manner!

Before heading to my family cabin for a short vacation, I scrolled through Pet Care websites on a rush to find someone last minute to hire so they can take care of my cat. As I was looking, I stumbled upon my close high school friend Jasmin, who had been sitting animals for a while.

When we met, I mentioned my interest in pet photography and our discussion flourished into Pawsitters. A Pet Photography and Sitting service where we offer the services separately, as well as in package deals for those who could use both in affordable ways. Ideal for pet bloggers.


I am beyond excited about this, so many plans are coming up for the near future, which I am looking forward to share with you all!



Here's some pictures of my cat, the current Mascotte of Pawsitters.


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